Role Models? 
By Alex Saitta 
November 14, 2011 
So Kim Kardashian is getting divorced. While no one is in disbelief, the quickness of the end surprised even me. Either people in Hollywood like Kardashian, Paris Hilton or the likes of Lady Gaga are more dysfunctional than I thought, or it was a publicity stunt for Kardashian’s non-reality Reality TV Show. (Really, who lives a life where all they do is decorate their house, get their hair done and look pretty?) 
  Kim Kardashian          Lady Gaga       Paris Hilton 
Kardashian is beautiful, no doubt. But as many surgeries as she has undergone, she was one short in my book. The doctor should have performed one final operation and dropped a moral compass in that empty head of her’s.  
Kardashian purposely over-glamorized the most insignificant part of marriage by spending $20 million on her cake, dress, rings and the ceremony to promote her TV show, while trampling on what truly mattered, her marriage vows.  
Let’s not forget the sex tape. If it worked for Hilton, she must have thought, it’ll work for me. The sad thing is it did. Stars today become famous for infamous things. That, her “do as I do” TV show plus her marriage that the media covered it 24-7-72 (she was married only 72 days), demonstrates just how far we've allowed our culture to fall just since the advent of cable TV.  
Not surprisingly, today too many school-aged girls are more interested in being popular and sexy than smart. Does any one really wonder why? Add Kardashian to the long list of female “role models” who are teaching our young girls harmful values.  
Those we make famous used to be held to the standard they were role models to be looked up to by our children. Unfortunately, that requirement has fallen by the way side as our leaders, the media and the consuming public has given the likes of Kardashian, Hilton and Lady Gaga a free pass. Sad, young girls all over are suffering for it.  
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