Pot: Don’t Create More Problems 
By Alex Saitta 
March 3, 2014 
I read the DC Moody column in the Easley Progress of February 14, 2014 entitled, The State should move to legalize marijuana.  He cited two bills filed in the state legislature. One bill proposes the legalization for medical marijuana, and the other is for the decriminalization of the drug.  
In a one-two approach Moody puts forth is support of marijuana legalization. He started by making the medical argument, discussing his personal back pain, and how it inhibits him from sleeping more than five hours each night. If marijuana was legal, he’d then be able to fight the pain and get good night’s sleep by taking something “natural” whose addictive qualities have been “greatly exaggerated”. 
I might see his point if he was advocating marijuana be sold by prescription only and it was administered under a physician’s care. However, reading on, that isn’t what Moody is advocating.  
Step two, he wrote, “What about full decriminalization? In my opinion, this is the smart thing to do.” He went on to elaborate on the benefits of marijuana sales, mainly the new found tax revenue that would be generated and could be used to fix roads and improve our schools.  
There is nothing smart about pot being sold as a retail item like a loaf of bread or a Lazy-Boy Recliner. It’s destructive for government to sanction more things that are harmful to citizens, in the name of rising more tax revenue. Aren’t alcohol, cigarettes, and the 65 state lottery games (with alluring names like “Stacks of Green” and “Ultimate Bankroll”) weighing enough on our cultural well being?  
What about our children? Aren’t they having enough trouble learning right from wrong with all the violence, promiscuous sex and vulgar language thrown at them in movies, music and on TV? Adding in legalized pot to the mix will make it worse. Then what’s next, legal prostitution? Where does it end?  
In the case of our government and Hollywood, sadly, it’ll about the money. You see, they know all that immoral stuff appeals to our sinful nature. They wrap it up with how the new tax revenue will be used for things like schools, medical care or roads. That closes the sale, and they profit from it all the way to the bank. All the while, it’s tearing down our once healthy culture and harming our children in the long-run.   
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