Failures of Feminism 
By Alex Saitta 
February 5, 2017 
When I saw this photo shoot of Mariah Carey in the gym “working out” it reminded me of all the unintended and harmful consequences of the liberal feminist movement of the 1960’s.  
I was watching a 1960’s documentary and the National Organization of Woman and Gloria Steinem had three goals:  
1) Women were baby makers for their husbands and if they were going to be liberated, the culture had to change so women (and I guess men too) having sex outside of marriage became the norm. Why couldn’t women enjoy sex for sex-sake was Steinem's thinking? 
2) Women needed to leave the household, work, have careers and become financially independent so they were no longer dependent on men.  
3) Women should not be looked at as sex objects. 
On the surface some, most, all the goals seem to have merit.   
What Steinem and the rest of the NOW gang miscalculated is what many men would hear – OK, we can have sex, if we conceive a child, I don’t have to hang around to raise it, and by the way you are working too, so I don’t have to support it (the child). This wasn’t right, but if you look at the chart of out of wedlock births, that is what too many men heard.   
It is no picnic for the “baby’s mama” to be both the father and the mother of that child(ren) when the baby’s daddy only placed the order and is not doing any of the heavy lifting in raising the children on a day to day basis.  
Now to Mariah Carey, and the third goal of 1960’s feminist leaders. I can tell you with spike heels on and a neckline plunging down to her waist Carey is not working out. If she tried to lift a dumbell weighing more than her brain, she’d be popping out all over the place. She is flaunting her “sex object-ness” to promote her new record. Did the Beatles do that when they released their new single? 
Everyone is lauding over her new photos, yet many of those same people see it wrong for a women to work at Hooters for $15 a hour. What is the difference; Mariah Carey is dressed the same way and is paid millions for it. A sign this product of the women’s movement strayed from its fundamental principle too.   
I think there was some good in the women’s movement, but if you look at the tough situation working single moms are in, and how their children are often not reaching their potential being raised without two solid parents around, I think there was more harm than good.  Liberalism always looks good in theory, but the reality is often a different ball of wax.  
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