Immigration Reform 
By Alex Saitta 
January 9, 2018 
The DACA/ Dreamers issue is going to give Donald Trump an opportunity to take some initial steps on immigration reforms. This issue has been on the table for 30 years now, and little to no reforrms have been made. They are overdue. 
In the US we allow 1 million immigrants a year to get legal status. That is a lot. Democrats want that quota to be higher and know they can never get that passed so they encourage immigrants to enter through illegal routes. Once they gain illegal entry, those on the left protect them with sanctuary cities, towns and now states, then encourage them to stay here illegal by offering them benefits, pushing to give them court rights they don't have under the Constitution and giving them promises of legal status. 
We first must improve the integrity of immigration process. a) if a person enters illegally they must have zero chance for legal status, b) if a person enters illegally, he/ she is offered and receives no benefits, no job opportunities, no rights in court that go along with legal citizenship, c) if the person is caught after entering illegally, they are deported, d, we crack down on illegal entry at the border. 
If the county continues to allow illegal entry, rewards those who enter illegally, and doesn’t deport them, it will not solve the problem, but fuel more illegal entry in the long run. And we’ll be talking about this same problem 10, 20 and 30 years from now. 
Once that is in place and integrity is restored to the process, I would support expanding legal immigration above 1 million a year and streamlining the immigration process. All entering must enter legally because we can at least vet them. This will solve the illegal immigration problem in the long run. 
My biggest issue isn't with the Dreamers and they would not be my focus in the first steps in reforming this process. First, I would focus on those who entered illegally and have committed crimes -- deport them. Second, punish sanctuary towns, cities and even states that undermine federal immigration laws and its enforcement. Third, I would continue to fill federal court vacancies with judges who strictly interpret the Constitution who see immigration policy and enforcement as a federal issue (only) and correctly see that illegal entrants do not have court rights under the Constitution. Fourth, I would tighten illegal entry at the borders. Fifth, I would make e-verify mandatory. Sixth, I would shoot to narrow chain migration rights of legal immigrants. A person comes here and he gets legal status, he can move just about any one of his relatives to the front of the line under the ideal of family re-unification. No. Just a spouse and children should be the limit on chain migration. 
Concerning the Dreamers, the problem with giving the Dreamers a path to permanent legal status is it rewards illegal entry. That will just encourage more illegal entry, making the problem worse. If Dreamers want legal status, they have to first leave, and then come back through legal channels. 
My heart goes out to them but this isn't about any one child or young adult, or about the here and now, but it is about making a structural improving in the immigration policy in our country. 
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