About Us 
What is PickensPolitics.com? 
PickensPolitics.com is exactly what you see. A website that is devoted to the political happenings in Pickens County. 
What is the reason for the website? 
One of our main goals is to help educate you on social and fiscal issues surrounding government action at the county and city levels. Once in a while we comment on issues at the state and federal levels, but the focus is local. We'll do this by posting news articles from media sources (e.g., newspapers and TV) and doing our own write-ups and analysis on these issues.  
Another of our goals is to foster debate on local political issues. Informed debate on government issues that works toward better is essential to a healthy democracy. 
How does PickensPolitics.com enhance the public debate?  
We post write-ups every week or two on the home page.  
We have created a forum for public discussion of the issues. This is done via our Political Blog. There, anyone can sign in and sound off on what he thinks about this or that. 
How can I access the message board? 
At the bottom of the page, click Political Chat, and the message board will pop up. Once there, to post to the message board you must register. Make up any user name you'd like. The only accurate information you need to provide is your email address, because the message board company will email you your password. Once you get that email, you can log on using your user name and password. At that point you can post messages on the board. 
Can I post a message anonymously?  
You do not have to use your name, you can make up a user name. Let's say you choose the user name "Red Dog". When you post a comment, it will be listed along with the name Red Dog.  
Which government entities does PickensPolitics focus on? 
Mainly the Pickens County School Board, the Pickens City Council and the Pickens County Council. 
Where is PickensPolitics.com on the political spectrum? 
This is a fiscal and social conservative website. We are further to the right than the Republican Party. We are left of Pat Buchanan. Likely, we are about in the same political place as Bob McClain or Rush Limbaugh. 
What if I have any other questions? 
You can email us by clicking here
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