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Latest Report Card Stats 2017: March 26. 
Business Hit All Around: March 12.  City of Pickens businesses too much taxes/ fees.  
Council Trip To Europe: Feburary 26. I was floored when I read about this.  
Put Meetings On Line: February 12. School board and council should put meetings on-line.  
Seventh Seat Map: January 20. Many reasons why I opposed a 7th seat on the board. 
Immigration Reform: January 9. 
Final Thoughts On Roy Moore: December 22.  
More Tax Hikes: November 27. More school board tax hikes.  
Losing Its Monopoly There Too: November 6. Losing their new monopoly there too. 
New Jail: October 17. I support the jail, but not how they are paying for it. 
What Changed: September 28. What changed on the school board Alex? 
Glassy Mountain II: Septemer 11. More on my opposition to this huge subdivision.  
Democracy Needs Two Sides: August 24.  
Communication Not Politics: August 4. School district's political arm.  
Liberty Fire: July 24. This was a success? 
Losing The Republican Brand: July 5. Republicans have to start voting like Republicans. 
2017 School Board Tax Hike: June 24.  
Glassy Mountain: June 13. Underlying dynamics and the housing shortgage.  
Charter Schools: May 29.  
County Pay Raises: May 12. Uncovered pay raises for elected officials.  
Direct Public Participation Needed: April 29.  
When Do You Compromise: April 18. When to and not to compromise.  
Spilting A Principal: April 1. Why a half principal at DES and DMS? 
Latest Report Card Stats 2016: March 17. Stats from the past school year.  
Reopen AR Lewis: March 1. Reopen AR Lewis as an elementary school.  
Failures of Feminism: February 5. 
The Four Box Matrix; Jan 18. Why government is inefficient. 
Seventh Seat Again: Jan 9. School board still doesn't need a seventh seat. 
Flag Burning: Dec 17. How the Supreme Court made a mistake.  
Transgender Bathrooms: Dec 3. School board must stand up.  
Election After Thoughts: Nov 18.  
Board Meeting Times: Oct 24. Schedule them for the public benefit. 
Opening Prayer: October 5. Finally fixed.  
Developing Housing Shortage: September 19.  
Camp IRock: September 6. Alex's thoughts on this promising program.  
Two Middle Schools, What Happened: August 18. 
Troubling Meth Problem: August 2. Discusses problems beyond an old jail.  
Post Election Q&A: July 16. 
The Principles Of Leadership Transition: June 20. Dynamics of picking a new chairman.  
5-year Capital Maintenance Plan: May 24. Why Alex Saitta voted against it.  
Petition/ Referendum: May 7. Giving direct power to the people.   
School Closings -- Dacusville Community Center Speech: April 24.  
Shifiting Priorities & Closing Schools: April 10. 
Total Cost Per Student: March 27. Total cost per student was $11,721 for 2014-15.  
Moral Authority: March 16. Speech I gave opposing the closing of Holly Springs/ AR Lewis.  
Closing Schools? How About Better Management: March 5. 
Burning The Candle At Three Ends: February 21.  
All Extra Capacity: February 7. Why all the extra capacity is in the system. 
Functioning Democracy: January 24. How a democracy is supposed to work.  
Closing Ben Hagood: January 9. Why I oppose closing the school and the renovation plans.  
Proactive: December 26. Why you have to be proactive.  
Second Assistant Principal Pay Raise: December 12. Discusses mid-year extra AP pay raise.  
A Bad Habit: November 29. Board is again spending more than coming in -- a bad habit. 
Closing Schools? November 16. Discussion of closing schools and other issues of 2015.  
School Tax Data: November 2. School District tax data and analysis going back 20 years. 
New Federalism: October 17. Federal authority and influence expanding.  
2015 Audit: October 3. Good news in short run, but threatening in long-run.  
Teacher Pay Gap: September 18: Teacher pay and the 2015-16 budget.  
Charleston Three Levels: August 19. Discussion of shooting and aftermath. 
Final Prayer Vote: August 5. Discussion of Greece, NY prayer vote.  
Beth Looper: July 26. Alex Saitta response to Beth Looper's post.  
An Attack? July 11. My letter wasn't an attack.  
Ratcheting Down Again: June 25. More confusion for children with transgenders.  
Gay Marriage Case: June 13. 
Evidence Is In: May 30. What financial crisis for schools? 
Easley TIF: May 11. Easley TIF settled.  
Religious Freedom Restoration Act: April 25. 
Refinancing: April 11. I liked the idea, but not the method/ timing.  
Capital Needs Plan: March 28.  
Pot: Don't Create More Problems: March 3. Saitta rebutts pot bill in legislature.  
Local School District Revenue: February 17. Disputes that local revenue has fallen. 
SDPC Enrollment: February 5. Enrollment is slightly down.  
CCPC: More Responses: January 24. Alex responses to CCPC's latest.  
Economy Now 2015: January 10. Assessment of the economy today. 
Reversing on Retiree Hiring: December 28. Board reverses retiring hiring.  
Greenville Plan Coming Back: December 13. Bamberg is trying to go around the law.  
TIF Money: Where Should It Go? November 26. 
School Taxes Have Risen Significantly: November 15. 
PHS Sidewalk: October 26. Many to thank for the sidewalk.  
ISIS: October 14. Obama's response to ISIS.  
Activity Bus Vote: September 13. Alex Saitta discusses his vote. 
System Reform Overdue: August 26. School system design must be reformed. 
Excerpts From Greece, NY Opinion: August 10. Summary of the majority opinion.  
AdvancED's Accreditation Renewed: July 21. For another 5 year term.  
Iraq: July 2. Obama lost Iraq.  
Bike Path Mania: June 21. Why is our government building so many bike lanes?   
What Not To Say: May 24. What not to say when it come to the legislature.   
TIF Ruling: May 10. Explanation of Judge Miller's TIF Ruling.  
Superintendent Search: April 28. The process for selecting the new Superintendent. 
Two Middle Schools Update: April 14. More info on the second middle school in Easley 
Baby Boom & School Funding Update: March 31. 
January 27, 2014 Vote: March 3. Board/ districts spends savings and remaining extra interest. 
Money Creation, Output and Inflation: March 17. Discusses the link between the three. 
January 27, 2014 Vote: March 3. Board/ districts spends savings and remaining extra interest.  
Gettys Sale Discussed Enough? February 17. Despite the claims it was discussed for months. 
Graduation Rates & The Legislature: February 3. How the legislature can help.   
2014-15 Calendar: January 19. Alex Saitta discusses why he voted against the calendar.  
Why I Voted To Sell The Old Gettys: January 10.  
Greece, NY vs. Galloway: January 6. Examination of prayer case before the US Supreme Court. 
A Seventh Seat?: December 20. Why the board doesn't need a seventh page.  
Graduation Rate Rises: December 8. The SDPC marches toward 80% goal.  
Bond Tax Increase Seems Likely: November 22. Board actions of 2006 still haunting us.  
Debt Service: November 11. School district total debt and annual debt payments.  
Advice To Republicans: October 28. What to do after the government shutdown? 
Overspending Results In: October 19. The resulting harm we are now living due to overspending. 
Presentation to Retired Teachers: September 22. Highlight some school board accomplishments.  
Taken To Task: September 9. Govenment and its leaders are open to criticism.  
Promoting From Within: August 27. Why/ how the school district is promoting from within.  
Test Scores Up: August 13. Test scores are rising.  
Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: July 30. Why I oppose same-sex marriage.  
Two Middle Schools?: July 12. Op-Ed in the Greenville News on the Easley Middle School issue.  
Something To Consider: June 30. Bonuses or the funding the classroom? 
Rising School Lunch Prices: May 22. Rising lunch prices explained. 
The Prayer Vote: May 8. Alex Saitta discusses his reasoning on the school board prayer vote. 
Electricity Problem and Solution? April 10. Electric bills for school district sky-rocket. 
Prayer Vote Legal: March 20. The vote to change the public invocation was legal.  
Coaches Pay: February 26. Discusses flaw in coaches pay system.  
2013-14 Budget Notes: February 12. Early thoughts on 2013-14 budget.  
Buildings Annual Cost: January 28. What it is costing to run all these new schools.  
Nikki Haley's Visit: January 9. Alex Saitta's thoughts on Haley's challenge.  
Trends In Pass Scores: December 24 
Paying Down $13 Million In Debt -- Part II: December 9. 
Good Report Card: November 26. District report card is good and academically it is improving. 
2012 Election Thoughts: November 9. Alex Saitta's thoughts on the 2012 general election.  
Paying Down $13 Million In Debt -- Part I: October 24. Attempts to use surplus funds to pay down debt. 
Taxes Don't Have To Be Raised: October 8. Unlike surrounding counties SDPC didn't raise taxes. 
Lottery Money: September 24, 2012: This write-up tells you where the lottery money is going. 
School Board Project:  September 10. Q&A with Alex Saitta 
School Board Education Initiatives: August 28. Two key educaiton decisions by the school board.  
School Board Update: August 13. 
Root Cause Is Deeper: August 1. The entertainment industry is plays a role in the rise in violence.  
The Oct 2010 Vote: July 24. Discusses the vote that expanded the building program to $374 million.  
Splitting Legal Hairs: July 9. Discusses BR Skelton's lawsuit against the Republican party.  
TIF Lawsuit: June 18. Discusses the reasoning behind the school board and county's lawsuit.  
TAP: June 4. Discusses the financial reasoning of why I voted to end the TAP program.   
The Curriculum: May 21. Some of the concerns with the state curriculum.  
Faculty Q&A's: May 7. Two primary concerns revealed from faculty Q&A's at local schools.    
The Village Is Broke: April 24. The US government has taken the role of the community and is now broke.   
Post-TERI Hiring: March 27. Discusses the history/ reasoning to limit the hiring of retirees.    
Graduation Rate: February 29. Discusses causes and potential solutions to rising the graduation rate.   
EHS Conversion: February 13. Discussions the debate surrounding the EHS conversion.  
School Fund Raising: January 30. Discusses various ways to improve school fund raising efforts.  
Borrowing To Meet Payroll: No More: January 1. How the district improved its ailing financial position.  
Adding More Teachers: November 14. School Board/ District add more classroom teachers. 
Role Models: November 14. Where are our role models? 
Distractions: October 31. Three main obstacles that the school board has addressed. 
Central TIF Request: October 13. Explained why I don't support renewing the Central TIF.  
Sure-Up General Fund Account: September 28. Ways the school board is improving district finances.  
SDPC Long-Term Budget Problems: December 9, 2010/ September 14, 2011. 
2011 PASS Scores:  August 25. 
2011-12 School District Budget: August 10.  
Selling Schools Makes Sense: July 24. Why I voted to sell (not give away) unneeded school facilities.  
Part II LMS Budget Meeting: July 14. Video and commentary on April 4th budget meeting. 
School Board Pay: June 28. Is School Board Trustee pay too high or excessive? 
Ellenburg Decision Incorrect: June 15. The city of Pickens' decision to force Ellenburg to resign was incorrect. 
Part I LMS Budget Meeting: June 14. Video and commentary on April 4th budget meeting.  
Even Number Of School Board Seats: May 31. Discusses how 6 seats are working out.  
All Different Proposals: April 6. Discusses different proposals to eliminate positions for 2011-12. 
General Fund Account: March 21. Explains meaning of, what it is and what it is not.  
School Board Committees: March 7. Board committees get board members more involved.  
There Is A Silver Lining In Recessions: February 14. Top to bottom reviews -- the silver lining.  
Egypt: What We Are Not Seeing: February 4. I have doubts democracy is coming to Egypt. 
Why The Slow Job Growth: January 14. Discusses the reasons for slow job growth in the US.  
Disconnect With The Public: November 23. Discusses disconnect between government and the public. 
How Do We Pay To Run New Buildings: November 11. 
Splitting The Board - That Needs To End: October 25. 
Second Middle School In Easley: October 11. Discussion the plan's expansion to $374 million.  
Illegal Workers Found At Construction Sites: September 28. Additional employee page raise later costs jobs.  
Unwise Additional Pay Raise:September 17. Additional employee page raise later costs jobs.  
2010 ACT Scores Up: September 6. Higher ACT scores good, but there is more to the story.  
2010 PASS Results Revisted: August 24.  
2010 PASS Results Expose Deeper Problems: August 10. Must improve communication and curriculum.  
Wall Street Reform Misses Mark: July 27. Discusses three big reasons why reform law missed the mark. 
Ending Q2 Like A Lamb: July 15. Slowing economy raises challenges and uncertainty for schools.  
What's Wrong With The US Economy? June 24.  
PASS Scores: May 27. Pass/ Fail cut off on PASS test have been lowered, increasing awards. 
School Board Update: April 16. 
All China Options Doom The US Economy: March 31.  
China Holds The Cards: March 13. Discusses why excessive borrowing is hurting all of us. 
Credit Has Become A Dangerous Thing: March 1. Discusses why excessive borrowing is hurting all of us. 
Four Phases Of The Economic Decline: Jan 20. Discusses the phases of this economic decline. 
Recession or Coming Economic Collapse?: Jan 2. Is a recession or is an economic collaspe on the way?  
School Board And Economic Update: Nov. 15. The economics facing the school board and economy.  
Who's Needed On The School Board: Oct 9. Qualities needed in school board candidates. 
Superintendent's 2008 Evaluation: Sept 23. Superintendent's evaluation, contract extension and pay.  
It Is Time To Re-evaluate: Jun 25. It is time to re-evaluate the Superintendent and her long-term plan. 
School District Audit: Jan 16.  A look at how fast school district spending grew last year.  
Test Scores To Focus On: Jan 1. Test scores that best reflect how our children are doing in school. 
Character And Values Are Both Important: Dec 13. We must teach students character and values.  
Pickens High School Location: Nov 27. Discusses the selection for the location of the new Pickens High School. 
High School Capacity: Nov 11. School board meeting where the new high schools' capacities were voted on. 
Inefficient Use of Time & Money: Oct 29. School district leadership wastes taxpayer money and teacher time. 
We Need Open Govt: Oct 1. Pickens County School Board/ District's move away from open government. 
Act 261 of 1981 Uncovered: Aug 1. Discusses the spending cap that was put on the school board in 1981. 
Four Challenges: Jul 1. Discusses four challenges the Pickens County School District faces. 
Superintendent's Pay Raise: Jul 1. Discusses the Superintendent's surprise pay raise and contract extension. 
Entertainment Industry "Ingredients" Jul 2. When are we going to question Hollywood's ingredients? 
Tax Swap & Tax Hike: Jun 2. How the tax swap, and the school board property tax hike will affect you. 
School Board Design: May 14. Discusses the current school board design.  
Library Book Removed: March 10. Alex Saitta explains why he voted to remove "Fat Kids" from the library shelf. 
Greenville Plan: What Happened, What Next. February 6. 
Greenville Plan -- Colleton Ruling: Dec 15. Explains the Supreme Court ruling on the Greenville Plan.  
Greenville Plan: A Better Way: Dec 12. Explains the Greenville Plan, and a better way. 
Final Thoughts Reassessment Overcharge: Sept 23. Discusses school board actions and reassessment law. 
Reassessment Overcharge Spent: Aug 29. Discusses how the school board spent the reassessment overcharge. 
2006-07 School Budget Update: Jul 31. 
How To Protect Local Control Of Budgets: Jul 22. Simple, better financial management of those budgets. 
Tax-Swap Law Explained: Jul 16. Detailed explaination of the new sales tax/ property tax law.  
Extra Pay Raise Vs. Buildings: Apr 24. Do we use new revenue for an extra pay raise or fixing school buildings?  
Baby Boom And School Funding: Mar 1. Boom's preference changing from schools to medical care. 
Wicked Ways Of The North: Jul 25. Greenville Plan not invented in Greenville, but in New York. 
Greenville Plan Coming To Pickens: Jul 12. The borrowing scheme the Pickens School Board is considering. 
Path To Economic Crisis: Jun 27. Discusses all the high level of public and private debt in this country. 
Morals & Values: Dec 26. The decline of morals and values and how it is hurting our ability to teach our children.  
Merry Christmas, Not Happy Holidays: Dec 13. Secularists are taking Christ out of Christmas. How you can stop it. 
Productivity -- Economic Magic: Sep 1. Why increasing productivity raises wages and profits, and lowers prices.s. 
Libel: July 28: The definition of libel, something everyone should keep in mind when posting to message boards. 
Think About Your Vote: May 30: Don't allow your leaders to make the same mistakes that they made up north.  
Gay Activists' Smears and Distortions: May 3. Smears and distortions homosexuals are using in the marriage debate. 
Capitalism Vs Socialism: Mar 13. Now you'll know a capitalist and socialist enterprise when you see one. 
Targeting Our Children: Feb 29. How gay activists are our targeting our children, in order to sell their lifestyle. 
Income Taxes: What Sanford Is Thinking: Jan 27. Why the income tax is the most destructive tax of the big  three. 
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