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Questioning David Herlong On Greenville Plan: March 16 
Council Trip To Europe: March 5. 
Federal Budget Busting: February 16 
Final Thoughts On Roy Moore: December 17. 
Bowers Blocking Board Oversight: March 30. 
Reopen AR Lewis: March 1. Reopen AR Lewis as an elmentary school. 
Academics: Oct 10: How have you helped improve academics? 
Reading: Oct 10: How to improve reading levels? 
Closing Schools: Oct 10: Alex against closing country schools. 
Teacher Pay: Oct 10: Is teacher pay competitive? 
Alternative School: Oct 10: Future for alternative school.  
Security: Oct 10: Security in our schools after Anderson 4 shooting.  
Course Breath: Oct 10: Has the breath of courses been cut? 
Financial Principles: Oct 10: Financial principles to live by.  
Against Closing Schools: Oct 3: Why Alex voted "No".  
Moving To Pickens County: Sept 19: Why we picked Pickens County. 
Graduation Rate: Sept 12: Alex Saitta's thoughts on rising graduation rate. 
WSPA Prayer: Sept 12: Alex Saitta on WSPA News 7. 
Opening Prayer: Sept 12: Alex Saitta discusses change in prayer law.  
Dacusville Middle: Sept 11.  
Colin Kaepernick: Sept 4. Alex Saitta's thoughts. 
County Council Candidate Forum: May 16: Alex Saitta Part I Part II Part III 
Closing AR Lewis & Holly Springs: May 15: Part I  Part II  Part III 
Sales Tax Referendum: May 2: Raising sales tax will not re-open Holly Springs/ AR Lewis.  
WSPA Closing Country Schools: February 15: Saitta speaks against. 
WYFF4 Closing Country Schools: February 15: Saitta speaks against. 
Don't Close Country Schools: February 14: Speech at Dacusville Community Center. 
Total School District Spending: February 10:  Cost per pupil $11,721. 
WYFF4 Closing Ben Hagood: January 30: Saitta speak against closing the school. 
Ben Hagood Closing: January 28: Alex Saitta opposition to closing the school.  
2015-16 Budget: November 26: Alex Saitta comments on 2015-16 budget.  
Teacher Pay: September 16: Report on teacher pay.  
New Federalism: August 3: Bob McClain's show.  
Confederate Flag, New Federalism: August 3: Bob McClain's show.  
Facilities Plan Vote: July 15. Presented and passed.  
Prayer 2nd Reading: July 23: Voted down 3 to 3. (Alex comments). 
Prayer 2nd Reading: June 20: Voted down 3 to 3. (All comments).  
Prayer 2nd Reading: June 20: Tabled 2nd reading of prayer vote.  
Prayer 1st Reading (Vote): June 20. 1st Reading Passes 6 to 0. 
Closing School: June 16: Previous discussion on closing schools by the school board. 
More Capital Needs: June 14: Public input on proposed tax hike for building needs.  
Capital Needs: April 2: Alex Saitta In The Pickle Barrel w/ Bill Pickle.  
What Was To Come: Feburary 5:  Alex Saitta describes the road to higher taxes.  
What Financial Crisis? January 2: Alex Saitta asked what crisis are they talking about? 
Building Costs: November 15: Alex Saitta discusses mounting building costs.  
Reversing On Retirees:  November 13: Alex Saitta explains why he opposes reversing retiree policy.  
Bonuses: November 12: Alex Saitta explains why he opposed giving bonuses to employees leaving the district. 
Activity Buses: November 7: Alex Saitta explains how instruction focus is falling. 
Was Easley Treated Fairly?: April 6: Alex Saitta explains he believes Easley was treated fairly in the building program. 
Brice Middle School: July 1: First look at Brice Middle School, now the new Gettys Middle School. 
End The Building Program: June 11: Saitta explains why he voted against growing the building program again. 
Not More Spending On Buildings: June 9: Saitta explains his vote against spending so much more  on Brice Middle School.  
Summation: May 8. Reasoning on the prayer vote.  
Electricity Policy: April 9: School district electricity costs sky-rocket. 
The Building Program -- To spend more or not?: January 11. Discussion about more building program spending. 
Vote To Spend More: Oct 25: The vote to spend $3.6 million of money earmarked to pay down debt.  
Graduation Plan Initiatives: August 1: Four initial intiatives and comments concerning graduation plan from June 25 meeting. 
The TAP Vote: July 1: Some of the public input and debate concerning the TAP program from the March 26 meeting.  
80% Graduation Rate Goal: May 10: Discussion of 80% graduation rate goal from the Nov. 28, 2011 meeting. 
Public Input Nov 28, 2011: May 10: Public input from the Nov 28, 2011 school board meeting.   
School Fund Raising: January 23: Improving fund raising and the details on Pickens County Has Talent.   
External Financial Auditor: January 23: Highlights of auditors report to the board.  
Bonus, Pay Raise or What? Nov. 9: This proposal was never discussed or voted on because the motion violated the law.  
Three Distractions: October 31: Distractions that took the board/ district's eyes off the education ball.  
Can SDPC Sell Surplus Buildings: Sept. 30: Yes, once they are removed from the collateral list. 
Adding Teachers: Sept. 19: SDPC adding 3.5 teaching positions this year (and more to come) and how it is being done.  
Reasons/ Solutions for District Deficits: August 23. Reasons causing budget squeeze and what can be done to balance the budget. Part I and Part II.  
Sure Up General Fund Account: August 23. The school board/ school district is suring up its financial position, so it can meet future educational needs. How it is doing it.  
Money & Education: April 4. You need money management in order to have good education.  
Citizen Input: April 4, 2011. Some of the citizen input from the Liberty Middle School budget meeting.  
Questions For CPA:  April 4. Alex Saitta questions district's CPA to see if there is any savings in the general fund account.  
2011-12 Budget Overview: March 28. Alex Saitta gives his view overall view on the 2011-12 budget.  
The Alternative Program/ Simpson:  March 28. Where is the Simpson school now and where it needs to go. 
$1,788 Base Student Cost: March 28. Spend every dime or not as debated at the March 28th school board meeting.  
Saitta Opposes Teacher Cuts: Aug.  
Wall Street Reform Misses The Mark: July 27. How Wall Street reform reformed nothing.  
What's Wrong With The Economy?: June 24. What is the state of the US economy long-term? 
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