Targeting Our Children 
by Alex Saitta  
Feb 29, 2004 
Excerpt from my previous write-up: "Gays are aggressively selling their lifestyle to our children, trying to persuade them to accept it as right, and normal.  Their strategy became clear to me, after a conversation I had at the Columbus Day Parade in New York City, a few years back.  
In late 1999, Hillary Clinton moved to New York to run for US Senator. (I was still living in New York at the time.) New York has too many liberals, and I felt (and many New Yorkers did too) New York didn't need any more, especially, Hillary Clinton. One of Hillary's first public appearances was the St. Patrick's Day parade, where Hillary was to march.That day I cut out of work a few hours, to check it out.  Along the parade route, it seemed like everyone in the country who opposed Hillary & Bill Clinton was there. As Hillary walked up 5th avenue, rubbing elbows with the biggest tax and spenders, pro-abortionists and anti-American politicians in New York City,  the crowd let loose on her -- booing and shouting "Go Home Hillary!" There had to be a million anti-Hillary signs, and it seems like they all came up at once. My favorite was, "Hillary We Wouldn't Want Your Cookies Anyway." I also liked, "Hillary You Can't Buffalo NY." 
What I remember most, was the startled look Hillary's face, when she saw most everyone screaming at her and shouting "Rudy for Senate". (At that point, Rudy Guliani was considering running against Hillary.) Clearly, she was told liberal New York City would be a very safe place for her coming out. TV covered her walk down the parade route, and to say it was a media disaster for her campaign was an understatement.  
Back then I was working about 65 hours a week, so didn't have the time attend many political events. In the month of June, Rudy decided not to run, and Rick Lazio became the Republican candidate for Senate. Rick was a moderate Republican, but was about as conservative as anyone could be New York politics, so I strongly supported him.   
In October was the Columbus Day Parade, and Rick was going to march and Hillary too. There was only a few weeks left in the campaign and Rick Lazio was down by about 5 points, so I went up to 5th avenue to help out. When I got there, I found a few of Lazio's campaign workers, and I helped them hand out signs along the route. I then stood on the sidewalk and waited. Lazio passed by first. He was well received. Then Hillary started coming up the avenue, and you can see the anti-Hillary folks opening up on her with Lazio signs and screams of "Go Home Hillary". This time, though, her campaign was ready. 
Picture this. Hillary was walking down the center of the street. On her both of her flanks, right up against the police barricades and facing the crowd, she had about 20 pro-Hillary people shouting down those on the sidewalk who were screaming, "Hillary Go Home".  Also behind those on the sidewalk, Hillary had a group of 20 people who were also shouting down the anti-Hillary people.  As Hillary was walking up the street hee people were too, in front and behind the crowd, sandwiching them in, trying to drown out the anti-Hillary fire. 
Also, following Hillary, about 10 feet behind her, were a group of men dressed in black suits taking pictures and shooting video tape of the crowd. When we started to scream  "Go Home Hillary!", one took about five steps toward me and took pictures of me, trying to scare me into shutting up.  As Hillary was walking up 5th avenue, her ground supporters were sweeping the parade route in this way, really blocking the crowd from the TV cameras shooting footage around Hillary.  Very clever, and the people that did the ground work for Hillary that day were from an activist gay organization. That was obvious by looking at them. I suspected it was ACT UP, but I never did ask.   
(ACT UP is a disciplined and very determined group. Just go to and click the "Training in Civil Disobedience" to see what I mean.) 
At the end of the parade route, I went over to some of them. First, I congratulated them on the clever tactics, and how their in-your-face sweep was effective in keeping the cameras from seeing how the crowd really felt about Hillary. Then, I started to mix it up with one of the lieutenants. We went back and forth and I said something like, "People don't care who you are sleeping with, but they just don't want your lifestyle institutionalized. Our generation is never going to accept it." Then he said to me, "I know you won't accept it, but your children will."  
At that moment, one of the tenets in the overall gay strategy became clear to me. With the help of the entertainment industry, gay activist groups are targeting our children, hoping to shape their view on gay marriage and the gay lifestyle before it becomes solidified.  
It's Now About The Money 
by Alex Saitta 
Feb 29, 2004 
On a day to day basis, gay couples can now live as heterosexual married couples with little or no restriction. Two men or two women are free to make an eternal commitment, have a life-long monogamous sexual relationship, live together forever, and even adopt or have their own children. Yet, gays are still pushing the marriage issue. Why? Money.  
You see, a marriage certificate will give gay spouses first dibs on inheritances, and death benefits like social security, pensions and retirement accounts. For example, by law the spouse is automatically the beneficiary on 401K accounts. Married gays will also gain things like company medical benefits, and get fatter tax refunds. 
Gay activists know our older, more traditional generation will never support gay marriage. They are a patient bunch, though. With the help of the entertainment industry, they’re targeting the next generation, our children, hoping to shape their view on the issue before it becomes solidified. 
Just look at prime time TV. The average viewer never demanded or even asked for shows with gay characters or gay story lines. Yet those types of shows are all over broadcast TV, running during ing the family hour. Gays are aggressively selling their lifestyle to our children, trying to persuade them to accept it as right, and normal.  
At this point, gay marriage is still being pushed for one reason -- financial gain. And the gay crowd doesn’t care how much it has to confuse or screw up our kids to get their hands on that money. 
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