It's Merry Christmas, Not Happy Holidays 
by Alex Saitta 
Dec 13, 2004 
In America there are many struggles, battles and wars occurring. For example, there is a cultural war that has been raging for the past 40 years. On one side, are people like Pat Robertson trying to preserve traditional values. On the other are the Madonna's and Larry Flint's of the world, and TV shows like "Will & Grace", that are trying to turn traditional values upside down. 
There is also a religious war occurring. On one side are groups like the one that is trying to take "under God" out of the pledge. On the other side, are Christians and other believers.  Non-believers have long targeted Christmas, and one way they have done this is by trying to make Christians feel uncomfortable about sharing Christmas with others.  
I lived in New York City many years, so I witnessed first hand how secularists are working to take Christ out of Christmas. I saw how Christmas parties at work became, "Holiday Parties". The religious side of Christmas is rarely displayed in 5th Avenue store fronts anymore, and if Christmas is written in advertising, it is spelled "Xmas". I can remember at my last holiday party when I was working in New York,  I counted,  38 people wished me happy holidays and only one had the courage to say "Merry Christmas, Alex".  Just call any hotel, department store or the 411 operator, likely they'll answer the phone and say, "Happy Holidays...", and not Merry Christmas. 
As Christians we are responsible to spread the word of Jesus, and defend Christianity. Christianity is under attack, and if we in the Bible-belt don't draw the line, our country is surely lost.  
This Christmas season, we can all do our part. When a person you meet, a store clerk or the person that answers your phone call says, Happy Holidays, shoot a Merry Christmas right back at them. Let them know you are not afraid to make a stand for Christ. Likely, they'll respond to you like they have me, in a relieved tone, and with a cheerful "Merry Christmas to you too."  
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